Permission problem with samba 3.5.4 + vscan-vfs + RHEL6(64 bit)

Amancio Tarrito amanciotarrito at
Fri Jun 24 05:42:08 MDT 2011

Hello all,
               I am Amancio Tarrito, I have my own vscan-vfs module that is 
working well with  samba 3.5.4 + RHEL6(64 bit).  But the problem is I am opening 
file from my vfs module for writing some logs. But when I     
fopen("/var/log/mylogfile.log", "w")    it is  saying me permission denied 
opening file  '/var/log/mylogfile.log'  even though  permissions are 777 as well 
as  user and group users are correct. For your information  my vfs module is 
working correctly on RHEL 5.5(32 bit) accurately.
               I have also tried opening file ' mylogfile.log '  at other 
locations also.  But It has been found that I can only create log file in /tmp 
              Please help me.

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