[PATCH REVIEW] s3-auth

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu Jun 16 13:42:04 MDT 2011


I have a patchset which touches s3-auth so it would be nice if someone of you 
could review it.

The patchset does the following things:

* Reduces the dependencies (lp_load instead of reload_services,

* Introduces a new function get_remote_hostname().

* Removes the usage of the global variable smbd_server_conn from auth.

* Passes down the remote_address to the places where it is needed.

* Removes 'struct client_address' and replaces it with
  'struct tsocket_address'

Every commit compiles for me and it passes make test here.

Thanks for your time,

	-- andreas

Andreas Schneider                   GPG-ID: F33E3FC6
Samba Team                             asn at samba.org

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