Proposed paths for Samba 4.0

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Jun 15 03:35:49 MDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

> Attached is a patch to implement a new set of default paths for Samba
> 4.0
> The challenge here is that the Samba4 branch historically chose a
> different set of default paths to the release branches, and this needs
> to be resolved before we release Samba 4.0
> The approach I have taken is:
>  - Users who install from source should keep key files in the same
> places as 3.6
>  - except for config files which are moved from lib/ to etc/
>  - all the key paths can be configured, so distributions can put things
> in the right place
> In doing this, I've removed --with-fhs as it didn't seem to work very
> well (used on it's own, it produces paths under /usr/local/samba/, and
> even combined with --prefix=/usr it created paths like /usr/etc
> and /usr/var

I'm using

        --prefix=$DESTDIR/usr \
        --sysconfdir=$DESTDIR/etc \
        --localstatedir=$DESTDIR/var \
        --enable-fhs \

and I guess that matches mostly what distros are using.

I think we should try to keep it that simple
and hope that distros start to use the same.

This way the changes would be higher that users will find the files
in the same location on all distros and make it easy for users to
replace the distro samba with a hand compiled one.

(I always hated the large configure lines distros are using in spec

> I've make the configure step honour all the gnu paths first, and then
> support options to further configure Samba correctly.
> Additionally, I propose two additional patches:
>  - Move sockets from PREFIX/var to PREFIX/var/run  (/var/run on systems
> with --localstatedir=/var set)

> This is a change relative to 3.6 (including the patch I proposed
> yesterday...), but would keep the PREFIX/var/run/ntp_signd socket in a
> consistent location with Samba4 alphas to date.
>  - Move PID files to PREFIX/var/run  (/var/run on systems with
> --localstatedir=/var set)
> This might break some startup scripts, as currently they are in
> PREFIX/var/locks, but is a more standard location long term. 
> Does anyone have any comments?
> How would folks like the migration from lib/smb.conf to etc/smb.conf to
> be handled?  My proposal (given that config files can be very complex,
> with include statements etc) is that we simply warn the user at startup
> (ie, just improve the error message).
> Distributions already use /etc/samba/smb.conf so would be unaffected. 

They use /etc/samba and not just /etc...


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