smb2 proto max request size...?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Tue Jun 14 00:04:47 MDT 2011

Hi Linda,

> Seeing SMB2 in my 3.6.0-rc2 now (had to either re-login, or re-boot Win7
> client, knowing win, probably reboot did it).
> I am getting better performance however, while my max read request
> in SMB was 61440 (60k), it's now 65536...a bit better...(overall traffic
> is lower, so that is probably a major part of the improvement), but I'm
> not seeing any 1mb packets when I 'should' be'...(i.e. large (GB) files).
> FWI: my smb.conf...
> As I understand it, the aio sizes are for a minimum size before using
> 'aio'....  I explicitly set max xmit to 1M, though this is listed as the
> default for smb2....

We only support SMB 2.002 yet, which doesn't support multi-credit requests.
So Windows clients doesn't use 1M requests.


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