World IPv6 Day

tridge at tridge at
Thu Jun 9 01:44:05 MDT 2011

Hi Trever,

If you run "samba_dnsupdate --verbose" then the first line of output
will be the list of IPs it is considering. For example, I get:

 IPs: ['fdb1:2726:40f9:b3b7::1', 'fe80::b420:afff:fedb:6367%virbr0', '']

it then elimates IPv6 addresses that have a '%' in them, as those are
link local. It should keep ULA addresses.

I've tried a ULA address here and it worked fine. It you show me the
IPs you have from the above output I'll setup the same IPs here (or at
least the same non-routable ones!) and see if it fails for me.

Also show me any errors that samba_dnsupdate --verbose gives.

Cheers, Tridge

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