[GSoC] net rpc conf - Weekly status update

Ciorbaru Vicentiu cvicentiu at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 15:41:02 MDT 2011


This update is a little late due to a certification exam I had this week.

This week I only had time for a couple of fixups on the code I already
wrote. I also implemented the function

net rpc conf delshare

The code fixups include the following:
 * net rpc conf drop recreates the smbconf key after deleting it.
 * no more error reporting when rpc_conf_open_conf function is called with
 * a couple of code style issues

So far, there I haven't had many problems when it comes to implementing
functions. I have a bit of catching up to do but the code seems easy to
I have tested my functions somewhat. "Hardcore" testing will be required
once all modules are complete. The functions are independent mostly so if
there is a bug in one of them it should not affect the others.

For the remainder of this week I plan to implement a couple more functions.
I have not yet decided which, but all of them mostly seem to be of the same

As always, my repository is located here:

This is all so far,
Vicentiu Ciorbaru

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