Samba4 "REWRITE: list servers not implemented" / No ADMIN$ Share / No AD DC

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sun Jul 17 08:34:00 MDT 2011

On 17/07/2011 18:24, Ted Salmon wrote:
> Matthieu,
> Interesting. I had not seen that error when I skimmed across the error log. Unfortunately I do not have a Windows server and I'm trying to set Samba4 up as an AD PDC. I will try to troubleshoot the error further. I am also going to try installing Samba4 on CentOS 6.0.
I meant your windows seven :-)
> As per the error, Do you have any idea what could cause it? My machine has Python 2.6 installed and not 2.7 - Is Samba dependent upon Python 2.7?

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