Proposed paths for Samba 4.0

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Tue Jul 12 16:23:17 MDT 2011

Am 13.07.2011 00:17, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> On Tue, 2011-07-12 at 18:16 +0100, Sam Liddicott wrote:
>> On 23/06/11 11:06, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2011-06-22 at 18:39 +0200, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
>>>> Am 21.06.2011 18:26, schrieb Stefan (metze) Metzmacher:
>>>>> Hi Andrew,
>>>>>> What exactly should --enable-fhs do?
>>>>>> Which paths should it change, what should they be changed to, and what
>>>>>> priority order (enable-fhs, gnu options, with options) should apply?
>>>>> I'll propose some patches in the next days.
>>>> Here's my branch...
>>>> I'll send some more details about it later...
>>> Thanks,
>>> I look forward to seeing the details.
>>> One concern that I have is that we are back to having
>>> users/distributions able to specify very many individual paths.
>>> If we want uniform behaviour from our users and distributors, then it
>>> would be worth reducing the number of things that they can set, and that
>>> we have to test.  That's why I did --with-sockets-dir for example, which
>>> allows us to add more sockets without adding more parameters that
>>> distributions have to keep up with.
>> I understand your point, but the most common types of patches I've seen 
>> by packagers are to modify paths.
>> You can't actually reduce the number of paths that can be set when the 
>> source is available; but you can reduce the amount of control you have 
>> over how well it's done by taking away the easy options.
> I think metze's patch provides the ideal compromise in this situation. 
> By reducing the number of options that need to be set, and trying to
> make them a small, reasonable set to start with, we discourage adding
> additional paths.  But all the important paths for Samba are in that
> table, and so patches to change particular paths will hopefully be
> neither intrusive nor extensive. 

Yep, just adding the option and the help text.

Is everybody fine if I push that stuff tomorrow (in about 8-9 hours)?


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