[GSoC Update]

Dhananjay Sathe dhananjaysathe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 07:29:00 MDT 2011

Hello everyone,

This is a rather short update , this week i spent on planning out and
creating the base Gui for the share manger that will launch all the dialogs
and act as the base program, i created in the preceding weeks.
The bare bones gui (the create / design etc) is almost complete (will upload
it by tonight ) and now i will start on all the helper functions/methods and
callbacks , to make it functional.
Ill try and post some screen shots too ;)
It s modeled on the mock ups i have already showcased, and in line with the
rest of the toolkit too, so that it can in the next step be integrated into
the core samba-gtk program with no/ little trouble and remain consistent.

Thank you all for the help.

Cheers !!!

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