[GSoC] net rpc conf - weekly progress update

Vicentiu Ciorbaru cvicentiu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 05:17:59 MDT 2011


It's time for another update on my progress. I wanted to wait a day before  
the update so that I can have something more concrete to show.

So far I have gotten the hang on how functions should be implemented and  
the rest should go along much more smoothly. I plan to have 3-4 at least  
working subroutines in net rpc conf by the end of the week.

What I've achieved so far:

net rpc conf list now uses a function designed to be used as a backend for  
lib smbconf. I've tested it and found no problems thus far. (more testing  
is to come later)
The function net rpc conf listshares is finished as it only required some  
code deletion in order to work.

I had some work done on winreg at the start of SoC and now I need to  
rebase it on top of master so this may take all day today.

The following days I will have ready the following functions:

net rpc conf drop (tomorrow)
net rpc conf showshare (tomorrow)
net rpc conf getincludes (2 days later)
net rpc conf delincludes (2 days later)

These 4 functions can be implemented with some of the code already written  
so this makes them the best candidates.

As always the wiki page for my project contains a link to my repository. I  
commit often, so you can generally see my progress anytime. :)

As a sidenote: I want to thank you all for the opportunity to work as part  
of GSoC and for all the help my mentors have given me.

Vicentiu Ciorbaru

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