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Denis Cardon denis.cardon at
Wed Jul 6 02:09:17 MDT 2011

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I tried to set up the libdlz dns using information gather on 
the internet and some grep'ing on the source code, mainly those three 
three pages :

I have a few years of experience with samba3 PDC and dns using bind with 
sdb ldap backend, and I'd love to upgrade this kind of setup to samba4 + 

I've setup a samba4 alpha16 on a debian squeeze. The 
/usr/local/samba/lib/samba/ module is compiled along. 
Then I installed from source bind9.8P4 with --with-dlz-dlopen flag.

Samba4 is started first, then bind9 is kicking in with verbose mode and 
it tells me that the samba DLZ modules is loaded. That seems fine.

06-Jul-2011 09:46:53.633 Loading 'tranquilit.local' using driver dlopen
06-Jul-2011 09:46:53.633 Loading SDLZ driver.
Unknown parameter encountered: "announce as"
Ignoring unknown parameter "announce as"
06-Jul-2011 09:46:54.048 samba_dlz: started for DN DC=tranquilit,DC=local
06-Jul-2011 09:46:54.049 SDLZ driver loaded successfully.
06-Jul-2011 09:46:54.049 DLZ driver loaded successfully.
06-Jul-2011 09:46:54.049 samba_dlz: starting configure

However I'm not very sure how to and where to create the dns zone. I'm 
have the cn=MicrosoftDNS,cn=System,dc=tranquilit,dc=local with the 
RootDNSServers entries. I've found the corresponding ldif script in the 
samba source code for provising, but nothing about creating the DNS zone 
for binddlz.

Should I copy it from an existing MS AD? How can I debug the libdlz to 
be sure that the libdlz module is called (like a slapd -d 320) and to 
see which ldap call it is making?



Denis Cardon
Tranquil IT Systems
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44230 Saint Sébastien sur Loire
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