[GSoC] Progress Update - Adding remote rpc configuration for SAMBA

Vicentiu Ciorbaru cvicentiu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 07:42:06 MDT 2011


This email represents a description on my work done so far, regarding
the GSoC project. My repository is located here [1].

I know that I have not sent any emails on the mailing list so far,
however I have been working and this is what I've acomplished:

I have learned to use the talloc functions aswell as some other
NT_STATUS and W_ERROR related functions.

I have implemented a set of more general functions that will probably be
later used during the creation of "net rpc conf" tool. These functions
have passed all of samba's torture tests after I've replaced their more
specific printer functions. These functions were implemented in

Right now I am working on creating the net rpc conf tool, my goals for
this week are the following:

Create net_rpc_conf.c(.h) and modify the code so that the net rpc conf
command exists (without doing anything).

After the command is available the first function that I aim for is:

* net rpc conf list, with the ability to list in a smb.conf format the
configuration from a server.

The way the function shall be implemented is without the use of lib
smbconf (it will be converted at a later time), as I've discussed with
my mentors Michael Adam and Andreas Schneider. 

I will post updates from now on the mailing list aswell.

Vicentiu Ciorbaru

[1] https://gitorious.org/samba-gsoc-development/samba-gsoc-development

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