Python bindings for keytab manipulation

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Sat Feb 26 14:09:14 MST 2011



>>> I normally address most of your remarks (all ??) I moved away from talloc so that we don't rely too much on "samba" stuff so that it can be quite easily spin out or attached to some other project (heimdal).
>>> It's at the misc_review of my repo.
>>> Love, are you interested having python bindings in heimdal to manipulate keytab ?
>> Matthieu,  I don't know where the best location to to make use/maintainership easy.
> Heimdal seems the best location to make use easy, because it means
> people can use the bindings without using Samba. 
> I'm not sure what the best place for it is to make maintainership easy,
> and who would best be ultimately responsible.

If you are fine with me sometimes being slow to apply patches with git am -s when day job keeps me busy I'm fine with having the code in Heimdal.


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