removing make oldtest

Michael Adam obnox at
Wed Feb 9 01:56:25 MST 2011

Guenther Deschner wrote:
> Hi,
> given that we switched to perl based for "make test" since a 
> while on the buildfarm, can we finally remove "make oldtest" from 
> ? Is anyone still using it ? I want to work on more complex 
> member server testing and the need to maintain the two test systems is 
> quite cumbersome.
> There were problems enabling debugging in the new "make test" in the 
> past but these issues were all resolved to my knowledge and we also have 
> some good pieces of documentation now on the wiki: 
> /Writing_Torture_Tests#Running_tests 
> covering a lot of aspects of running tests.
> So, any votes against removing make oldtest ?

No objections from my side.

Cheers - Michael
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