[PATCH] KCC intrasite topology generator advancement

Dave Craft wimberosa at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 18:26:19 MST 2011


ISTG is maintained by inter-site replication.   I have written no implementation
for inter-site as of yet but as mentioned last week I will be adding an interim
solution for that shortly.   To get a real inter-site implementation
is going to take
a good bit of time because it is a huge algorithm to get correct.

repsTo (to my understanding) is properly maintained behind the DRSReplicaAdd
DRSReplicaMod and DRSReplicaDel RPC methods.   These are currently stubbed
in the daemon as "not implemented" (would someone care to implement?).
In comment (4) of my checkins I note
that I am updating repsFrom directly in the database as an interim solution
until I get the RPCs.   This was noted in my email of last week also.

So bottom line...I understand the need and am working toward all these
goals because none of this properly works completely in the intersite case.

Here's what I meant by comment 4.....Each of these areas are also
stubbed in the python code noting the incomplete area.

4) Add DRSUAPI_DRS_UPDATE_(x) flags …

   DRSUAPI_DRS_UPDATE flags are used in
   DRS_MSG_REPMOD_V1 message structure when repsFrom
   is modified via RPC.  The RPCs are currently uncoded but
   samba_kcc maintains the flags (and uses them to identify
   what repsFrom changes are to be executed).  These are currently
   helpful to samba_kcc and are intended to ultimately be used in

Again...sorry for not getting all the way there right now but its a large
amount of code that I'm plowing thru.


On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Matthieu Patou <mat at samba.org> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> On 04/12/2011 22:02, Dave Craft wrote:
>> Tridge, Samba Team,
>> The patchsets available at
>>      https://github.com/wimberosa/samba/tree/kcc-stable
>> are now available for review and integration if acceptable.
>> The crux of these changes gets samba_kcc to properly commit
>> repsFrom for each NC replica that is implied by an NTDS Connection.
>> All attributes (e.g. DRS options, schedules, etc.) are now properly
>> maintained in repsFrom creations.
> I didn't had a deep look at your patch but it's very good that someone
> started to tackle this subject !
> Did your patch take care to periodically check if the ISTG attribute has
> been updated, to update it if the DC is the ISTG and to try to promote as
> ISTG if the previous one.
> I noticed lately that when dealing with more than 1 site and with mixed
> (Samba and Microsoft) DCs it's important to correctly manage this attribute.
>> Additionally the samba_kcc is now invocable from the daemon and
>> can be configured instead of kccsrv_simple_update (e.g. can be
>> invoked instead of the older kcc topology generator).  More detail
>> noted in the check in comments appended below:
> Good, if I'm not misunderstanding it's the KCC tasks to periodically send
> DsAddRef in order that other DC add or update their repsTo is it in your
> patchset ?
> Matthieu.
> --
> Matthieu Patou
> Samba Team
> http://samba.org

Regards, Dave Craft
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