Samba 4 Trust relationship with Windows 2008 Active Directory

Pavel Herrmann morpheus.ibis at
Thu Aug 11 01:58:15 MDT 2011


On Thursday 11 of August 2011 09:05:24 SATHYA - IT wrote:
> Andrew,
> Thanks a ton on the update. On the related note, as the other option - if we
> could add samba domain as a child domain for an Windows 2008 AD server
> whether windows users would be able to access the samba 4 domain (child
> domain) based services. As we are running Sharepoint and Navision in our
> environment which are accessed by some set of users, we require windows AD
> badly. For other users I can utilize samba domain. Where I can configure
> Mailing, Fileserver, Instant Messaging services under samba domain and can
> provide access for these services for windows AD users (Parent Domain)
> users too. Whether the said scenario will work in samba 4 environment. Can
> you please assist on this.
> Thanks
> Sathya

This probably won't work, I tried child domains few months ago and they were 
not supported, and I haven't caught anything about this changing since

one of the symptoms is that samba assumes the configuration container is in 
domain basedn, while it should be in forest basedn, but the incompatibilities 
were deeper - you can try searching the archives

Pavel Herrmann

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