Samba 4 Trust relationship with Windows 2008 Active Directory

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Thanks a ton on the update. On the related note, as the other option - if we could add samba domain as a child domain for an Windows 2008 AD server whether windows users would be able to access the samba 4 domain (child domain) based services. As we are running Sharepoint and Navision in our environment which are accessed by some set of users, we require windows AD badly. For other users I can utilize samba domain. Where I can configure Mailing, Fileserver, Instant Messaging services under samba domain and can provide access for these services for windows AD users (Parent Domain) users too. Whether the said scenario will work in samba 4 environment. Can you please assist on this.


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On Wed, 2011-08-10 at 18:21 +0530, SATHYA - IT wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to setup Samba 4 AD in our environment. I want to create 
> the trust relationship with samba 4 AD and windows 2008 AD which is 
> already running in our environment. While creating the trust it failed 
> with the following error "The target system doesn't support Netlogon 
> trust password verification". Can you please help out on sorting the issue.

Sadly Samba4 simply does not support trusted domains.  We would like to work on it soon, we have nominated it as an area to focus on at our annual interop plugfest with Microsoft in late September, but sadly there is nothing more than some skeleton support for a few of the RPCs at the moment.  That's why it appears to half-work.  


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