Make --enable-s3build the default in the top level build?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Apr 20 04:05:13 MDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

> I was wondering if it would be OK to make --enable-s3build the default
> (no longer optional) in the top level build?  I've been building with it
> for quite some time, and it seems to 'just work'.

I'm also using it for a few weeks now.

> This option enables a waf build of all of Samba, producing binaries for
> 'Samba3' and 'Samba4' that are linked to common shared libraries.  It is
> still a work in progress, but pending only the kerberos fixes I'm
> currently working out with Simo, it passes a combined make test. 
> The combined test is why I ask:  We currently have 4 build systems in
> Samba (autoconf-s3, waf-s3, toplevel, toplevel-s3build), and I think
> this is too many - I would like to reduce this to 3.  
> In particular, what I'm hoping is that I can write tests that test
> Samba3 and Samba4 interactions without the complexity of them being
> conditional. 
> Take for example the test metze and I have been working on to test
> Samba3's winbind in a Samba4 domain.  I don't want to have to make this
> important test conditional - instead I want to ensure we get this
> working, and then we keep this working. 
> This won't impact the s3-waf build, or the autoconf build - any combined
> tests will be added to the top level build only.  

What tests will run in a 'make test' then?
all s3 tests, all s3 tests and the combined ones?

While I think that should be the default, I'd like to have an option to run
just a subset. So that we can do things in parallel within the autobuild

One autobuild needs ca. 47 mins (while the s4 make test takes about 44
It would be nice to reduce the time...


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