Information about samba4 capabilities

frederic.berard at frederic.berard at
Tue Apr 19 13:13:57 MDT 2011

Hello all,

First of all I know that the mailing list isn't a chat but my question is about samba4 and I hope my question won't disturb too much your development of this useful tool that is samba4.

I would like to know if it's possible to use samba4 to manage my clients 's browsing on Internet by using their login/password 's session ?

I understood by a lot of readings about this subject, samba(3)  isn't able to authenticate the client's connexion NTLM without an Active Directory (maybe I don't unsderstood corectly) and I would like to know if samba4 can do this.
I would like to create a private domain where my clients should open a session and should be able to use a browser to surf on Internet by using a proxy who should allow their connexion depending on their membership.
I understood too only NTLM 's authenticate can do this by using login's session (but maybe I'm wrong too).

Well I hope to have been clear in my explaination and that anyone would answer me.
In advance thank you all for your help.


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