Bug in DC replication

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Tue Apr 5 20:00:48 MDT 2011

Hi Matthieu,

 > It seems that I have a bug in a test domain, when I modify 1 attribute, 
 > all the attributes of the object (the replicated ones) have their 
 > replication metadata updated it seems to be quite reproducible.
 > See the ldbsearch --show-binary on the replPropertyMetaData.

I don't see this behaviour. The test I tried was to modify the
description field of a user in current Samba4, and look at the
replPropertyMetaData before and after the change. What I see is that
the local_usn of only the description attribute is changed. The
local_usn of all the other attributes is unchanged, which is what we
would expect.

Can you give me a bit more specific information on how you reproduced
this? Which attribute are you modifying? What tool did you use to
modify it?

My test was with ldbmodify, with a replace, like this:

 dn: CN=test,CN=Users,DC=bludom,DC=tridgell,DC=net
 changetype: modify
 replace: description
 description: description $$

where $$ gets replaced with the pid of the shell script making the

Perhaps the behaviour you are seeing is specific to some particular
type of change? If so I'd like to understand what triggers it before
changing the code.

Cheers, Tridge

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