Things I did last week to make Samba 4 happen (week 42)

Maurizio Marini Gmail marini.maurizio at
Thu Oct 28 01:11:40 MDT 2010

On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 8:45 AM, Kai Blin <kai at> wrote:
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> Hi folks,
> I've decided to start writing down the things I did to make Samba 4
> happen during the last week. The main purpose is to get myself to
Hi Kai
It wold be fine to setup a checklist; thsi way anyone interested in
helping you techs guys, might download checklist and try to
exec any step detalied in checklist.
In this checklist should be reported in detali waht should be done and
what should appears in samba logs.

IMHO, a good starting point can be a virtual environment with two
samba4 servers (one primary DC and the other secondary), and 2 or 3 pc
client (1 xp, 1 vista, 1 w7, etc etc)

Further, any test would reproducible, tests should be numbered and
anyone can reports bugs about that test, with test id, and you know
what he was trying to do.

thnx in advance


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