Review request: DNS server implementation

tridge at tridge at
Wed Oct 13 05:58:28 MDT 2010

Hi Kai,

 > Ah. I've got a list here.

yep, very good points, thanks Kai.

I should add that I do plan on continuing my efforts to make bind9
work well with Samba4. I have some patches pending that make the
configuration much less fragile, thanks to some help from Love on the
kerberos side of things. 

So I'll continue to try and make bind9 work well, and we will support
using bind9 for the forseeable future. If at some stage the DNS server
Kai and Metze have been working on can provide all the functionality
we need then we could change our recommendation, but even then I'd
hope we'd keep the bind9 stuff working, if only for people who are
tied to bind9 in some way.

 > 3) You need to pay money to get access to the ISC CVS repository, so no
 > chances of getting the source there.

I've now got read-only CVS access. It took a while, but it didn't
eventually happen.

The major pain now is that its very tricky to setup and debug, and
very fragile. It took me an hour to get Nadyas setup working at the AD
plugfest, and this is despite me being very familiar with the bind9
code now. The number of things that can go wrong is just too high.

Cheers, Tridge

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