tdbbackup with bouncing/shutting down samba possible?

Rick Gates rick123.gates at
Fri Oct 8 14:28:20 MDT 2010


We are a small company, which has just started using samba.
Recently we have faced a few issues regarding the TDBs getting corrupted.
I have read that the only way of getting around this issue, is to regularly
take tdbbackups.
But, this process needs a downtime of my samba server, which we would not

Instead, is there a way where I can take the tdbbackup with out shutting
down samba server.
That is, perhaps a way by which we just effectively shutdown TDBs one by
one, taking there backups.
If that is possible, then we can schedule this activity at the time when the
load on the server is at the lowest point.

I tried to google it but could not find anything about this.
Any ideas/thoughts on how can we take tdbbackups without shutting down


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