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Michael Wood esiotrot at
Fri Oct 8 00:34:39 MDT 2010

On 8 October 2010 08:17, Matthieu Patou <mat at> wrote:
>  On 08/10/2010 09:25, Rohit Rajan wrote:
>>  Hi All,
>> I'm trying to configure the SAMBA VERSION: 4.0.0alpha14-GIT-cd04af7 the
>> confiure went fine but whe i issue the make command i got this error.
>> *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.
> It's using the old build system.
> Go in source4 do:
> ./
> ./configure.developer
> make -j

I suspect Rohit used the "rsync" instructions on the Samba4 HOWTO.
When I tried that a few days ago it was broken.  ./ said it
was setting up for waf, but ./configure.developer actually ran the
autoconf version of configure.

I posted about ftp/unpacked/samba_4_0_test/ being broken here:

but I saw no reply from anyone saying it had been fixed.

I'd change the HOWTO if I could, but I gave up trying to get the
wiki-editor to notice my requests for edit access.

Rohit, just use the git instructions or the alpha13 tarball, which is
still quite new.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at>

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