[PATCH] Fail to start ldb if modules are missing

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Nov 18 06:07:35 MST 2010

Am 18.11.2010 14:04, schrieb simo:
> If a module is missing we merrily keep going. This means we can end up
> corrupting the ldb because maintenance tasks the module is supposed to
> do are not performed.
> This patch makes ldb return an error if a requested module is not found.

Sounds useful, but we should have a force switch so that someone can fix
the modules list if needed.

> Sending to the list because it changes behvaior and haven't tested it w/
> samba4 yet.
> Tridge,
> do you think it is ok ?

Did you want to attach a patch here?


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