Samba 4 successes and failures

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at
Wed Nov 17 18:26:37 MST 2010

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share my experiences with Samba4. This is with stand
alone servers. I do not have enough need or servers for multiple
servers. I am running two domains.

First, the bad:

upgradprovision does bad things. Matthieu was working on a test case and
fix, but I couldn't get it to work even though I was checking out from
his tree. It likely fixed the problems. The domain was erased and
recreated and I haven't seen any additional changes in his tree to try
testing again.

No cifs support. (Important, but I think I have found a work around for
now, it just requires work for each user.)

No domain trusts. (Very important. I have seen commit messages that seem
to suggest this is coming soon. Is this the case? How about forests?)

No printing. (I can do without for a while.)

named.conf.update doesn't have MX listed in the grants for
administrator. This is a pain due to the fact that every time I need to
add or change an MX entry I have to modify this, restart bind and hope I
can do an nsupdate -g before samba rewrites the file.

The good:

It seems fast and stable. I am using Kerberos and LDAP for many
different things including email with dovecot and postfix. The only
problem has to do with the SMTP standard itself and postfix has a
configuration option that with some playing around can bring things up
to working.

I do a lot with group policies. This works great. The only problems have
been fixed and the remaining ones are that some F/OSS software isn't
available as MSI's. These of course aren't S4 problems.

I have two domains going with S4 right now. One with 4 computers (plus
the server). The other with 7 computers (plus the server). One is my
network, the other is a client who asked for S4 (yes they know it is alpha).

Thank you for the fine work you all do.


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