Compiling libnet/libnet_join.c on latest git of Franky

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Nov 11 20:56:16 MST 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 21:25 -0600, Arthur Ramsey wrote:
> Is Franky expected to complie yet?  These are the steps I took to build it.  I assume that I do not need to do the patching from a fresh git clone?
> 1. cd /usr/src
> 2. sudo git clone git://
> 3. cd /samba/source3
> 4.sudo ./
> 5 sudo ./configure --enable-merged-build

The 'merged build' is no longer supported (the supporting files in
Samba4 haven't worked in months, and were removed last week). 

We are progressing with alternative efforts to a common build, using a
single top level 'waf' build, but this isn't finished yet.  

One thing we do need to do is remove the configure code for the merged
build from ./configure so as to avoid future confusion.

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett                      
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 
Samba Developer, Cisco Inc.
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