3.6:idmap:Q1: add "idmap range" ?

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Wed Nov 10 01:58:26 MST 2010

Hi List,

I have recently rewritten the idmap code in winbindd
to some extent.

The code has been unified under the hood. And one thing
I would really like to do would be to unify the two
configuration options "idmap uid" and "idmap gid" into
one option called "idmap range" for the sake of consistency
of the default idmap config with the explicit domain configurations
(idmap config DOMAIN : range = ...).

Currently, the uid and gid range are expected to be identical
anyways. The RID module errors out if they aren't and otherwise
the intersection of both ranges is built. So de facto we do have
one single range already.

After discussing this with Volker and Jeremy, the procedure
I have in mind is this:
For 3.6, I would like to introduce "idmap range" in addition and
mark "idmap uid" and "idmap gid" as deprecated. At the place where
now the intersection of "idmap uid" and "idmap gid" is built, I
would build the intersection of all three ranges (possibly with a
warning). This way old and new configs would work without
In 3.7 or any other future major new version, I would then drop
"idmap uid" and "idmap gid".

Does that sound ok?
Or are there any major concerns with this?

I would really love to reach a stage where we have a sane id
mapping system and configuration. :-)

Cheers - Michael

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