3.6:idmap:Q1: add "idmap range" ?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Nov 10 02:02:28 MST 2010

Am 10.11.2010 09:58, schrieb Michael Adam:
> Hi List,
> I have recently rewritten the idmap code in winbindd
> to some extent.
> The code has been unified under the hood. And one thing
> I would really like to do would be to unify the two
> configuration options "idmap uid" and "idmap gid" into
> one option called "idmap range" for the sake of consistency
> of the default idmap config with the explicit domain configurations
> (idmap config DOMAIN : range = ...).
> Currently, the uid and gid range are expected to be identical
> anyways. The RID module errors out if they aren't and otherwise
> the intersection of both ranges is built. So de facto we do have
> one single range already.
> After discussing this with Volker and Jeremy, the procedure
> I have in mind is this:
> For 3.6, I would like to introduce "idmap range" in addition and
> mark "idmap uid" and "idmap gid" as deprecated. At the place where
> now the intersection of "idmap uid" and "idmap gid" is built, I
> would build the intersection of all three ranges (possibly with a
> warning). This way old and new configs would work without
> problems.
> In 3.7 or any other future major new version, I would then drop
> "idmap uid" and "idmap gid".
> Does that sound ok?
> Or are there any major concerns with this?
> I would really love to reach a stage where we have a sane id
> mapping system and configuration. :-)



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