Windows 7 profile problem

Magnus Benngård magnus.b at
Sun Nov 7 08:45:18 MST 2010

I am not sure if this is a Samba question, if not excuse me plz.
Samba4 server dc for a Windows 7 box (anhn-pc) with a local user (anhn) with administrator rights.
I joined the anhn-pc to, created the anhn user on the Samba box, renamed the local anhn profile, removed the local anhn user and rebooted.
Logged in as anhn, np, loggedt out and saw that the profile was created on the Samba4 box, logged in as a another user (with administrator rights) and copied the local  renamed anhn profile to the anhn profile on the Samba box, removed the new anhn profile on the Windows 7 box and rebooted.
Tried to log in as anhn, after like 10 minutes, i got:
"The group policy client service failed the logon. Access is denied."
Logged in as another user, saw that anhn old profile has been “fetched” from the server.
Took a guess and created anhn as a Administrator in the on the Windows 7 box, rebooted.
Logged in as anhn, the original profile was back, the user was happy but not me, I dont want them to run as Administrators.
Did one more test, did remove anhn user on the Windows 7 box and did remove anhn NTUSER.DAT from the Samba box.
That worked as well as it could, anhn could log in, but ofc all settings where gone, but anhn could ran as a normal user without any local account.
For me it sounds like in some way or another NTUSER.DAT “remember” that anhn has been an admninistrator, “walked  around” in the NTUSER.DAT file for some hours, found a entry \HKEY_USERS\anhn\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy.
Did some tests there without any luck.
Has anyone ran into my problem? For me it doesn’t sounds like a Samba error but I am not smart enough to be sure.

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