Best practice in building custom vfs modules

Giampaolo Tomassoni Giampaolo at
Wed May 19 05:48:39 MDT 2010

> Hi Giampaolo,

Hi Holger,

> I don't know of such a way currently.There's samba-vscan, which
> tries to build externally

Ah, samba-vscan: thank you for the hint. Now I have a starting point to
build a configure script to deal with it.

> , but it a) requires generated config.h
> from a ./configure run of Samba b) does do a lot of effort to care
> for any older samba version it should run on.

Right. Point a) is something I already have to face every time I need to
adapt my vfs to a new samba version.

Point b) is something I manually have to do, so "scripting" it would be

> Therefore, I develop my modules in a forked master git tree of samba,
> and backport the source to the samba versions I am asked for afterwards.
> This way I am keeping my main code of the module compatible with the
> newest samba development, and can with manageable effort backport the
> code to older releases which sources are more carved in stone.
> As my modules are likely for public interest, I also have the option to
> get it into the samba master tree by asking some friendly samba team
> members (they are all friendly ;)  ). As you said your module is for
> someones specific needs, that situation might not be interesting to
> you.

In my case it would be like shooting to sparrows with a cannon... :)

I guess however that we are not the only two persons to develop a custom vfs
for samba, so maybe also the samba team may find useful to somehow
"externalize" the includes needed to build a vfs. I think it should be

What about posting a feature request?

Thank you for your hints,


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