Samba4 vs Windows2003 speedtest

Zahari Zahariev zahari.zahariev at
Thu May 13 06:47:52 MDT 2010

Hello list,

I have put some time into testing current Samba4 performance. The premise is
latest Samba4 running (on real machine) as single process at debug level 5
and Win2003 server running on a virtual machine. I do not claim scientific
value for my results but they show some real problems that will not be
different if tests were done on 8GB multicore machine each.

Product of my test suite is:
(see speedtest-output attachment)

This is summarized in the attached PDF document where missing times for
Samba4 are estimated. All times are in seconds.

I have determined two major problems seeing these results:
1. DELETE time on Samba4 is substantially longer than ADD time.
2. Time consumption for large operations (ADD/DELETE over 1000 users) raises
with every successive time it is performed.

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