GPMC problems

Robert Clauff rclauff at
Thu Jul 29 08:30:36 MDT 2010

	A month ago now I was going to implement a policy to
restrict some options for IE (like it running!).  When I went in to add a
policy it told me "The system cannot open the device or file specified" and
wouldn't allow me to create a new one.  I messed around with it a little and
noticed that the default policy had a red icon on it if im not mistaken so I
thought I would remove it because I read on a post it may be a corrupted
policy.  I just removed it and didn't delete it. 
     Unfortunately, to my suprise this didn't work and I couldn't add any new
policies or even re-link any policies.  The only thing that I can still do to
my group policies is edit the policies I already have.  You can also see all
the policies that are linked.  This can hold up for a little while but
eventually I am going to need to have this ability back to push out new
    There is nothing in the syslogs on anything.  I am really
hoping that you have seen this before and its a quick fix.  I appreciate your
help and if you need anything please let me know.

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