dNSHostName of Server object

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Jul 29 07:40:36 MDT 2010

Hi Anatoliy,

> I noticed that when you join 2nd DC to win2k8 domain the dNSHostName attribute of the Server object in the Servers container is filled correctly by the DC which you join to. We didn't do that. I looked with wireshark when this happens but i couldn't find it on the wire so i think it was filled by the DC you are joining to during DRSR AddEntry call. The documentation doesn't say anything specific for dNSHostName being send on the wire with that call nor that we should update it then, but i figured that if we update the SPNs there it would be a good place to do that too. A patch is attached with the fix, please review it.

You should not guess:-)

- Look at the replication meta data of the dNSHostName attribute and see
if it's created in the same
  transaction as the DsAddEntry call.

- add ldap searches to the libnet_become_dc code before and after the
DsAddEntry call
  in order to see if it was added.


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