Decoding Schema:prefixMap attribute on Windows AD

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Jan 20 01:14:48 MST 2010

Kamen Mazdrashki schrieb:
> Hi Andrew,
> Here is an implementation for dumping Schema:prefixMap attribute value
> that is visible on Schema partition on Windows AD
> (as usual, everything after “ECLIPSE  … project”)
> I’ve tested it against w2k3-r2 and w2k8-r2 and it works as Obaid had posted in doc-help 
> mailing list – i.e. keeping all prefixes except the one that come from the initial prefixMap.
> The last commit (8fe5c0f158630fe3eae44c296200e180603c09a7 <> ) implements a function
> to distinguish S4 AD from Windows AD.
> I intend to use this function in ldif_write_prefixMap() instead of current “probing” approach
> (commit: c345a3fcc3efc7a9e30a3eceb979d0567846b65c <> )
> Unfortunately there is a bug currently in ldb_ildap module that leads to a SEGFAULT
> when a nested LDAP search is executed during LDAP_SEARCH_RESULT event handling.
> (I will try to propose a fix for this as soon as I can)

I think probing is better, as new samba versions should match windows
and only old samba versions will use the custom blobs.


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