[PATCH] Review of French translation for pam_winbind

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Fri Jan 15 11:20:23 MST 2010

Hello folks,

I took the liberty to ask the Debian French l10n team (which I "lead"
in some way) to review the French translation of pam_winbind.

The original file is surprisingly "(C) 2009 Lars Mueller
<lars at samba.org>" while the "Translator" is "Novell Language
<language at novell.com>".

I suspect that the file was put on some internal Novell l10n thing and
got translated by....who knows?

IMHO, then, the file's copyright should then be:
Copyright (C) 2009 Novell Language <language at novell.com>

As the proposed patch contains improvements and corrections from the
Debian french l10n team, another copyright should be added to
this. All this explains changes to headers of the PO file.

Changes to translations mostly include:

- some wording improvements ("user" is not "usager" but "utilisateur"
- gender neutrality changes:
  by rewording:  ("vous n'êtes pas autorisé" --> "vous n'avez pas
- bad translation corrections: "valide"-->"valable" (a very common
  false friend)
- and several changes we consider to be improvements, mostly because
  they are common wording in computing translations in French

Would you consider using that patch?

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