[s4/ldb] Signed/unsigned counter variables

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at samba.org
Fri Jan 8 08:51:29 MST 2010

Back in November 2009 we had those discussions 
about signed/unsigned counter variables related to LDB. Some people 
expressed their thoughts - but in the end we kept all like it has been 

In the meantime I stopped to work on this since there wasn't much 
interest but let those created patches in my personal "misc" branch. I 
wouldn't like to drop them (all) since they required quite some work - 
and in the end most of them should be correct. At least the shorter 
commits should be mergeable (or cherry-pickable) immediately. I would 
appreciate it if someone from the s4 developers would give it a look.

Another approach (also stated in a reply on the old thread) would be to 
change the types of the num_* variables to "signed int" (and simply 
state that negative values aren't allowed). But also this would require 
a huge patch I imagine (struct and function API changes).


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