Recycle Bin activation test cases

Eduardo Lima eduardoll at
Wed Feb 24 13:00:43 MST 2010

Hi Tridge,

I have implemented the recycle bin activation test cases:

It's working as expected, but there are some points that I need to check
with you:

1 - I wrote the test cases in the same file of the deletion test cases: as a new test class. Is it better to move it to a new file?
2 - Once recycle bin is activated it can't be deactivated. So, after the
tests, the sam.ldb database will have the Recycle Bin enabled. Is there a
way to rollback the database to the previous state?
3 - It only runs on 2008_R2 functional level, that is not the samba's
default level.

Considering these points, should this test be optional by default? How can I
do this?

Following your suggestions you gave in the other message, I'm going to test
the optional feature replication but I could not Vampire samba to Windows
successfully. It appears to be a misconfiguration of bind9 but I could not
work out where is the problem:

Vampire of domain failed: Connection to SAMR pipe of PDC for failed: Connection to DC failed:

Do you have any guess of what might be causing the problem above? I'm
running the provision manually and the vampire using the (Do
they work with 2008_r2 func level?). All the rest of the configuration is
similar to the one you used during the last meeting.


Eduardo Lima
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