CMake Proposal

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at
Mon Feb 22 14:24:11 MST 2010

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

> waf and git don't seem to have problems comparing the checksums of a
> large number of files in this fashion, so I think this was (is?) more of
> an issue with the specific implementation in scons.
Perhaps, I am merely speculating.
> There are a *lot* of generated files in the Samba source tree, it would
> be a pity if we had to generate stamp files for all of them.
I have not looked at the Samba source tree.  VTK does have a code 
wrapper that auto-wraps VTK c++ into python, tcl, java and other 
languages.   It seems odd to me that it would be a common thing to 
change a wrapper program, and not have that change affect the output of 
that program, but maybe that does happen often with Samba.  We have just 
lived with the fact that if you change the wrapper it re-builds the 
files.  For the most part that is what would happen anyway.   I still 
suspect that the time to compute checksums has to come from somewhere, 
and it won't make things faster for an initial build.

At some point in the future we do plan to implement a new command line 
build tool (cbuild), that may have this feature and would be an 
alternative generator to make.  However, I don't want to sell you 
vaporware.  Today with CMake, if you want this feature, you would have 
to do a double generation time stamp trick.


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