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Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Mon Feb 22 13:46:45 MST 2010

Hi Bill,

On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 14:58 -0500, Bill Hoffman wrote:
> - You want to be able to do this:
>    make test TESTS=regex
>    make testenv
>    For the first one, in CMake, that would be done with
> make test ARGS="-R regex"
> I am not sure what make testenv does, so I can not yet comment on that 
> one...
Both of these would have to execute custom commands, basically shell
scripts that live in the samba source tree.

> - cross compile questions
>    CMake does have cross compiling support, to support code generators, 
> you create two build trees, one for the host and one for the target. 
> The target build tree can "import" built targets from the host system, 
> and use them as code generators.
This makes it harder than what we originally had in the Samba 4 build
system (I think it's broken at the moment). However, I doubt adding
another step to such cross-compile builds is a big issue.

> - A request for non-timestamp based file comparison.
> I think this one conflicts with this comment: "scons horribly slow over 
> CMake ", I suspect that the checksums might be part of that problem. 
> However, the use case given was a header file generator program that is 
> modified, and then regenerates all of the header files causing a big 
> rebuild.   This can be avoided in a different way.  Basically, you have 
> the generator create a temporary header, then a different custom command 
> can use that as input, the second command uses copy if different to 
> create the actual header file.   Then the header file only changes when 
> it really changes.
waf and git don't seem to have problems comparing the checksums of a
large number of files in this fashion, so I think this was (is?) more of
an issue with the specific implementation in scons.

There are a *lot* of generated files in the Samba source tree, it would
be a pity if we had to generate stamp files for all of them.



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