SLIST_ENTRY (was Re: mac mini build broken)

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Sun Dec 12 20:27:42 MST 2010

12 dec 2010 kl. 19.12 skrev Andrew Bartlett:

> Thanks for chasing this down.  As you probably know, each import of
> Heimdal takes multiple days to complete at test, even just to get it
> working on Linux, let alone other hosts.  It's difficult to also address
> portability across all our other hosts at the same time, and even more
> difficult to pin-point what part of the import has caused the issue,
> which is why I've been unable to jump on this issue in the timeframe you
> had hoped. 
> Anyway, as regards this particular issue, I suspect this may be another
> problem cased by the way we include "system/network.h" in our
> heimdal_build/roken.h replacement (which then includes

I worked around this issue by not depending on SLIST (already have a copy of bsd's queue.h), prefixed the cpp macros with HEIM_


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