about local group member detection

drag chan zgchan317 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 00:07:12 MST 2010


when getting group info for a user, the domain which the user belongs
to is first checked, then the local domain, and the builtin domain.
but in samba-3.5.4/source3/winbind/wb_gettoken.c, find_our_domain() is
called to get the local domain.

What's the meaning of local domain? If it means local SAM,
find_our_domain() return error result:

struct winbindd_domain *find_our_domain(void)
	struct winbindd_domain *domain;

	/* Search through list */

	for (domain = domain_list(); domain != NULL; domain = domain->next) {
		if (domain->primary)
			return domain;

	smb_panic("Could not find our domain");
	return NULL;

If samba rule is a domain member, find_our_domain() doesn't return the
local SAM.

Maybe we should call find_domain_from_sid(get_global_sam_sid()) to get
the local domain in samba-3.5.4/source3/winbind/wb_gettoken.c?

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