Error with client.txt file running smbtorture V3.5.6 with NBENCH option

Charles Bryant cjbryant at
Thu Dec 2 20:03:55 MST 2010

        I am hitting an error running the latest V3.5.6 version of 
smbtorture with the NBENCH option (on Redhat Linux #1) using the latest client.txt file from Andrew 
Tridgell's dbench-3.04 package.   I recevie the following error concerning 
a line that contains the "Mkdir" command:

linux004:~/samba/V3 # ./smbtorture // -U 
bryantc%qwertypdc -N 2 -L NBENCH -c client.txt
using seed 1291344275 share=smbtort1 user=bryantc myname=linux004
Running NBENCH
2 clients started
Unknown operation Mkdir
Unknown operation Mkdir

Throughput 0 MB/sec
NBENCH took 0.062879 secs

I at first thought the "Mkdir" command could be updated to all lower case 
since Linux is case sensitive but that did not help when I edited the 
client.txt file to try that.  I am not an expert on the format of the 
client.txt file but have had not luck with it so far and have had to run 
the V2 of smbtorture in the meantime....

Anyone else ever run in this error?  Thank you for your time!


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