Possible to get Samba3 to use Samba4 server idmap info

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 07:57:43 MDT 2010

 On 08/30/2010 04:05 PM, Michael Adam wrote:
> Trever,
> While currently there is indeed no such idmap backend in S3,
> it could be certainly implemented.
> But I would like to know, why it is important for you to have
> the same unix ids on the s4 server and on the s3 clients.
> Generally, the connection between the client (s3) and the s4
> server is simply windows protocols. The unix ids are additional
> info put into play by the respective samba instances. Unless
> you want to do something like copy or share files wit other means
> than samba/CIFS, then it is not important to have the unix ids
> identical on the various servers.
> So idmap_hash or idmap_rid or even idmap_tdb should be fine.
> Or maybe I am not getting your point.
> Cheers - Michael

The unix uids/gids are being used by other things. Also, some times when
moving large groups of files between servers, I find it easier to do
rsync to save all the permissions, etc. It is nice to know that for now
I can get around that, or at least it sounds that way from what you are

However, I really would love to see a S4 compatible idmap in S3 as it is
far easier to use S3 for now on the clients.


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