Any problem with a 1.8MB blob in the tree? Re: Please try to upgrade an alpha10 when enforcing new rules in samdb

Matthieu Patou mat at
Mon Aug 16 00:11:20 MDT 2010

  On 15/08/2010 19:01, Kai Blin wrote:
>> The test itself is rather quick (~1/2 minutes).
> That's per provision. If we need to test more of these, this will add
> up. I think a regular make test should stay below 5 minutes, or nobody
> will run it for every check in. Having a test run that runs all tests
> on the build box would be good, but even right now make test really
> slows you down if you try to run it for a handful of paches. Making
> this worse will just cause less people to run the tests.
You're right and I'm getting a bit pissed of of the 1 hour make test 
takes on my laptop when it seems to me that is was ~20 minutes in January.

I guess a fair trade would be to always upgrade 1 provision and have the 
others included only in slow tests ?

Note: using bz2 we can go down to 1Mb.


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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