string handling in hx509

Matthieu Patou mat at
Sun Aug 8 03:33:14 MDT 2010

  Hello love,

I'm trying to use heimdal x509 implementation.

I have problems with decoding a certificate issued by a Windows 2008 R2 
server (attached).

The problem I guess lies in the fact that the name in the certificate is 
in UTF-16 and the code in der_get_general_string seems not to be ready 
for this as it expect to have NULLs at the end of the string only (if any).

Gnutls and openssl have no pbs dealing with it so it seems to be quite 

der_get_general_string (const unsigned char *p, size_t len,
                         heim_general_string *str, size_t *size)
     const unsigned char *p1;
     char *s;

     p1 = memchr(p, 0, len);
     if (p1 != NULL) {
          * Allow trailing NULs. We allow this since MIT Kerberos sends
          * an strings in the NEED_PREAUTH case that includes a
          * trailing NUL.
         while (p1 - p < len && *p1 == '\0')
        if (p1 - p != len)
             return ASN1_BAD_CHARACTER;
     if (len > len + 1)
         return ASN1_BAD_LENGTH;

     s = malloc (len + 1);
     if (s == NULL)
         return ENOMEM;
     memcpy (s, p, len);
     s[len] = '\0';
     *str = s;
     if(size) *size = len;
     return 0;

I also attached a proposal for fixing this (it is basically checking 
that the last two chars are nulls).

Let me know what do you think of it (I'm pretty sure it's not sufficient 
but I lack imagination in what can be tested).


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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