Samba4 WMI client

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sat Aug 7 19:51:19 MDT 2010

Hi Andrey,

On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 15:02 +0300, Andrey Kondakov wrote:
> I would like to replace several old-fashion samba-3.0.X tricks with easier
> access to remote hosts using WMI implementation running on Linux.
> That's why I'm really interested in WMI client appearing in Samba4,
> particularly, in running processes remotely.
> I discovered a lot of relevant stuff in WMI sources but it seems to me that
> these bits are not compiled into any Samba binary. I hope to learn why
> it is commented out and if it's possible to use existing code anyway.
> Additionally, it will be nice to hear current status of WMI functionality
> since my desire is
> to enter into WMI code and extend it with necessary/new things.
The current code has been commented out because it no longer compiles,
and requires significant effort to get working again. We originally had
WMI support back in 2004 but it has since been removed and then revived.
I intended to put effort into getting it to work again, but never
managed to find the time to do so.

> I have enough time to make additional investigations and make the code
> working, at least performing the most critical functions.
> The only thing that I hope to learn from you is the feature status and
> possible pitfalls.
Patches are very welcome.


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