Success Report

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Tue Apr 20 06:43:22 MDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-04-19 at 17:52 -0600, Rick Widmer wrote:
> I have just installed a copy of SAMBA 4 from git, and so far all is 
> well.  An attempt last Thursday failed with compile errors, but after a 
> git pull today it worked.
> By 'worked' I mean that I have made it through the entire installation 
> HOWTO, including connecting to the domain on SAMBA 4 and connecting with 
> the Windows Remote Administration tools, and the Group Policy Management 
> Console.
> Now the real work begins.  I am the IT manager at a small library that 
> is currently using Windows SteadyState on Windows XP machines.  We hope 
> to upgrade our public machines to Windows 7 at the end of this budget 
> year.  At this time SteadyState is not available or expected on 7, so we 
> must re-evaluate our security procedures.
> My hope is to replace the SteadyState account restrictions with Group 
> Policy, preferably served via SAMBA 4.
> I haven't chosen a replacement for Disk Protection yet, but I have used 
> Faronics Deep Freeze in the past, so they have an advantage.  I wasn't 
> very happy with their WinSelect tool for account restrictions though.
> Finally there is a need on some web browsers to limit access to a single 
> web site.  These are all things that currently depend on Windows 
> SteadyState.
> Back to the topic of this list...
> I have until the end of August to decide what to do, but as of now I am 
> hopeful that Group Policy served from SAMBA 4 will be part of the 
> solution.  There will be much testing between now and then.

Please keep up on your status [do you have a BLOG?].  As an admin with a
long-in-the-tooth Samba3 domain and Win7 boxes going to be arriving
soonish I also need to decide what to do.

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