upgrade samba4-alpha7 with openldap backend

Justo Alonso justo.alonso at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 18:22:47 MDT 2010

Hi !
  one year ago, I installed a samba4-alpha7 with openldap backend. All work
fine (except for windows 7 join to domain !)

  Now I'm trying to upgrade to samba4-alpha12. I try setup a replication
samba4 <-> samba4, but vampire command result on a NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED
runtime error (I think about alpha7 don't support full replication

  Someone knows how to do it ? maybe sam4-alpha7 openldap backend >
samba4-alpha7 ldb backend ??

thanks, samba team !!

and sorry for my english ;-)

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