samba for Northrop Grumman

tridge at tridge at
Mon Apr 12 19:24:40 MDT 2010

Hi Julie,

 > Hi, We are a program with Northrop Grumman and need to bring samba into
 > a our work area.  For company records, we need a physical street address
 > for our security team in order to bring samba into our enviroment.  Can
 > you pls contact Adrian and myself with this info?  Thank you,

For this sort of thing what I'd suggest is that you get a support
contract from one of the vendors that supports Samba. There are quite
a few of these listed here:

For example, I'm sure someone like RedHat could support you if you use
RHEL, and SerNET could support you on several distros.

Despite the suggestion from Jeremy, putting my home address as the
security contact for your use of Samba is not really my first
preference :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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